20471120 SS/98 "YIKES?" Collection VHS Runway & Footage

The "YIKES?" collection presentation which took place ironically on 1997/11/20 & begun at 20:00 As illustrated on the VHS cover truly sticks to the brands image & vision of the future that Masahiro Nakagawa envisioned. Incorporating the time stamp in simple ways such at the time & date the collection was presented shows the sheer effort & attention to detail that was put into each collection.

20471120 Hyoma YIKES collection Helicopter landing on Helipad & Large tv display combination of 10 tvs displaying Hyoma

The Runway begins on a dark rainy Tokyo night, we see a helicopter being illuminated by a large spotlight approaching the scene. Moments later it lands on the helipad down the runway & an array of models dressed in rollerblades storm the we rainy runway. As they approach the crowd we see them perform all kinds of stunts all the meanwhile there are fireworks illuminating the sky in the background.  As the camera pans away we can see the outstanding large crowd gazing at the astonishing display of models & runway set. 

Models rollerblading across runway & pulling tricks, at top of photo we see 20471120 model jumping in the air & two other in background skating at full speed which are seen blurry in photo
Array of 20471120 models walking at the end of runway wearing all red in conbination  20471120 red ski boots, 20471120 hyoma red jacket

Following the beautiful entrance, we see an array of models walk across the helipad runway in all red outfits. As they approach the camera we can see the array of garments being presented; Red Dresses, Red Pants, Red Glasses, Red Cardigans, Red Ski Boots & so forth.  

20471120 Red ski boots 90s archive red boots & red skirt

How ever the runway presentation takes a quick turn with a sudden appearance of earthy toned suits & dressed being presented. We see a variation of cream tops in an array of asymmetrical & geometric shoulder pads, drape like elegant sun dresses & flowy flower printed pants, flower shaped hats & monster style shoes. The scene is lit with a hippy style truck in background. Closing with a dinosaur figure walking the stage. 

20471120 YIKES SS/98 Flower hat girl wearing flower hat model

From there on out we continue to see the absolutely diverse collection be presented, as a circus comes following the last wave of models. We can see performers such as; fire spinning dragon staff, models walking on stilts, unicycle riders & even see mini bikes show up on the runway. The atmosphere  of the show is clear & everyone is seen with smiles, along the fans all gazing in absolute aw as each segment of the show progresses. 

20471120 Model dressed in a long yellow & white stripped uniform walking on tall stilts crossing runway

As the chaotic energy continues, we see full blown monster figured walk the stage, Astronauts & an array of couples walking along side each other. Some holding hands & others connected by scarfs wrapped around one another.

20471120 models riding pocket bikes on the runway of the YIKES collection SS/98 Spring Summer 1998 Tokyo
20471120 hyoma flower hat YIKES
Wall of models walking the runway all lined up wearing similar matching cream uniforms shoulder padded suits

As the stage then clears & all models dissipate, there is a switch in music to a more calm sinister song playing & we then see a wall of 6 models walking the runway along side each other all wearing a different variation of cream work suits, some with skeleton vests, others with deformed shoulder padded blazers & some with simple button up shirt & suspenders holding them up. Moments later we see the same but w group of 6 women walk the stage in similar uniforms how ever in all black this time around. 

20471120 models walking in opposite directions crossing each other in all black suits & blue under shirts

 Following this, the final segment of the show arrises as we see al full women collection get presented, with elegant dressed & workwear clothes be presented. All in unique asymmetrical uniforms, wavy & multi-layered skirts & dresses. Mostly  coloured in blue & light grey tones. 

Full women collection, a dark photo with fog in the back as a heard of packed  models walk through it wearing black elegant 20471120 clothing

Once the models clear up we can hear the iconic Flintstones song play & then all the models & circus performers, Monsters & astronauts storm the stage for the final part of the show! All as fireworks illuminate the background & spotlights flash across the runway.

Leaving possibly one of the most unique runway shows of all time with so many elements being incorporated & such a large array of clothes being presented. It was clear that this show would for ever be cemented in the minds of all the show attendees & for all the fans watching the VHS show coverage it is one of the most memorable shows to be presented to date. 

At the end of the show some fans & models were able to grab themselves some loot bags which contained limited edition Neon Genesis Evangelion inspired T-Shirts & came along with a couple pins & accessories.

20471120 SS/98 Yikes Loot Bags Limited edition Neon Genesis Evangelion T shirts
20471120 Models walking at end of runway closing show wearing Rib Cage vest Ski boots hyoma scabbed vest shirts  
20471120 Models walking at end of runway closing show wearing Rib Cage vest Ski boots hyoma scabbed vest shirts
20471120 model getting hair done for YIKES runway spring summer 1998 SS/98
20471120 hyoma pins badges on jacket from show & behind the scenes
SS/98 Spring Summer 1998 YIKES runway behind the scened & Hyoma balloon
ending of the 20471120 runway yikes
20471120 VHS runway YIKES20471120 VHS runway YIKES20471120 VHS runway YIKES



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