20471120 Store Interiors

Interior photos from the various 20471120 stores at it's peak around 1996, Masahiro Nakagawa shares various film photos from his stores in an interview. Explaining how each & every store was very thought out & planned.

20471120 Store interior in Jingumae (Opened in 1995)
Interior of Jingumae store "20471120"

Interior of Jingumae store

As you see from the scans each store was unique in itself with bright red carpets, to a Sky printed along the walls & ceilings. Some stores had red marble floors with classy high end chandeliers hanging from ceilings, etc. Even in some stores seeing bright white metal walls & ceilings illuminated behind with lights, giving a futuristic energy to customers entering. He stated in an interview "At its peak, it increased to about 100 stores. The number of directly managed stores has increased to 6 if we include in-shops." The majority of the stores were unique in their own ways each varying with their own unique look.

Masahiro Nakagawa Working in his workshop in 90s 20471120

Masahiro Nakagawa Working

So you can imagine how having so many stores allowed for so much product to be in circulation which is what gave birth to the huge popularity in the Harajuku community, it was the accessibility to all the stores throughout japan. The story behind the brand allowed for consumers to feel safe in a safe space at the stores, where they can express their emotions through their clothes.

Harajuku Store Interior              Harajuku Store Interior 20471120

Harajuku Store Interior (1999)

Abeno Store "20471120" night time photo with lights illuminating store front
Abeno Store "20471120" night time photo with cars driving by across the road in japan

Abeno Store 

"20471120" Abeno Store (1998) in Japan hyoma Figure statue inside
Abeno Store Interior (1999)





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