Collection: Dirk Bikkembergs

Dirk Bikkembergs was born in Germany in 1962 & studied fashion at the Royal Academy of Fine Arts in Antwerp. Before starting his company, he worked under several European fashion houses as a freelance designer. Later on, having to serve his time with the Royal Belgium Army in Germany between 1982-1987.  During that time, he managed to launch his company, Dirk Bikkembergs-Homme Co, in 1985. He even won the Golden Spindle Award in 1985. 

Part of the infamous Antwerp Six, he was best known for his footwear. Utilizing elements of Flanders Tradition & Craftsmanship of hardy shoes & well-crafted shoes to suit the modern taste. His most famous creation the 1996 Steel Cut Bungee Boot utilized various unique elements that made them such a timeless boot to this day. Opting to completely remove the eyelet of the boot & replace the traditional high lacing for a bungee cord that is made to wrap around the boot. Drilling a hole in the heel to allow for the cord to wrap under the heel, allowed for endless ways to wear the shoe depending on how the wearer decided to style it. Continuing his focus on footwear he created many iterations which would serve as a platform of inspiration for many high-end to mass consumer garments. 

Dirk was always a big soccer fan; this would catalyze inspiring the Belgium designer to acquire lower-league Italian team F.C. Fossomborne. He would use soccer players to walk for his sports line & would even use soccer players to test out the newest garments. 

Dirk stated, “I design collections that give one whole strong look, a vision of life … [for] men and women with items that are nonchalant and easy to mix, give freedom, and don’t restrict the wearer.” This statement is very true to dirk when thinking about his footwear creations which still can be worn in many different ways to this day 20 years after its original release. Today Dirk may not be as relevant as his counterparts anymore, however his mark in the fashion industry isn't one to be forgotten & his timeless footwear creations/innovations are still relevant to this day. The steel-cut bungee boot has even surged in popularity in the late early 20th century.