Special Edition on Dirk Bikkembergs for MR.High Fashion 1997 Scans

Dirk Bikkembergs Intwerview behind the scenes of the 1997 runway


Translation of text:

“Dirk Bikkemberg chose an old wooden building that is usually used as a leather goods market (carreau) as his venue. However, when Dirk himself carefully checked his clothes, the atmosphere was so tense that he hesitated having the camera pointed at him. The theme of the show was "Easy Rider". Stretch, leather, metallic, and other skin-perfect materials were used to create a three-hole motif based on the design of a Ferrari steering wheel, while the sole of the shoes was a flame-spewing wheel, and the orange switches on the sleeves were airbags. By casting fearless models with well-built bodies, the collection translated the speedy world of motorsports into mode. On the bottom right of the page, designer Dirk Bikkembergs checks the clothes worn by the models.”

Models behind the scenes of dirk bikkembergs runway 90s

Dirk Bikkembergs being known for designing clothes for men to look “Strong” He followed his traditional path for this season on July 5th 1997. As stated he attained inspiration for this collection from the all famed company Ferrari. The models had classic slick hairstyles, & the models were predominantly build & strong in muscles.

Image of Dirk Bikkembergs himself under stress styling models at the show.
Dirk Bikkembergs styling models 90s

 Closeup images of models & their assignes clothing racks behind runway.

Archive Belgium runway clothing dirk bikkembergs
Paris Fashion Week Runway Models in late 90s for Bikkermbergs Runway
Models behind the scene at paris fashion week
Models From the 90s dirk bikkembergs runway show
Models are seen sporting striking orange/red colours representing the Ferrari classic colours. Arm bands showcasing details such as airbags.

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