Kosuke Tsumura Final Home History

"Final Home" the project was established in 1994 by Kosuke Tsumura, as a cornerstone to tackle an unstable society & the nuclear disaster as an individual. It has a universal function as an urban multi-purpose survival wear that responds to all situations, it can suit a calm everyday wear but can be converted into  emergency survival wear.

On Kosuke's blog he stated "If I'm a fashion designer, what kind of clothes can I propose to people who have lost their homes due to disasters, wars, unemployment, etc., and what do they look like when they are peaceful?"

Watch Below an Instructional Video Created by Kosuke



A way of utilizing the pockets in the jacket would be as shown in the video by filling up the gaps with news paper, between the front & the back fabrics as a storage space. This would intern create insulation against cold weather & if you have time to prepare in advance, it is recommended to put emergency food & a medical kit. To allow you the chance to respond in case of disaster. Thus showing us where the name "FINALE HOME" has derived from, which is the thought of wearing a safe home.

A few more uses stated by Kosuke for "Final Home"

- "By putting emergency food and medicines in advance, you can wear it and escape in an emergency."
-"If you put things such as magazines and clothes around you that are different cushions, you can protect yourself from falling objects and at the same time keep warm."
-"The gap between the fabric that opens and closes with a zipper becomes a pocket only when needed, so unlike the over-spec outdoor wear, the appearance is so simple that it can be worn comfortably in everyday situations "

The infamous tag seen on many "Final Home" Pieces feature basic personal information you would typically see on a contact card in need of emergency.

Below are some more photos of Kosuke's Exhibit and Presentations of Final Home throughout the years.

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