Japan's Impact on Punk Culture

It's no secret that New York & London were at the forefront of the punk movement.  However Japan, a palace famed for it's abundance of subcultures such as Harujuku , Rockabilly & Cosplay just to name a few, had a significant everlasting punk culture impact. Although the scenes main audience was short lived throughout the 70s - 80s where the evolved version of the western punk was born, the distinctly Japanese noise music ( or Japanoise).  In the 80s through 90s the underground punk scene gave a place for japanese people to express their emotions & true colours in a country where the punk aesthetic & style was not very accepted by the general public.

The punk scene had everlasting effects on the culture into today's age, taking many aspects from the punk fashion scene many designers that are famed today took from parts of the scene. Famously Jun Takahashi’s work for undercover is a prime example of how the punk scene had an everlasting staple into fashion in the 20th century. His most famed collection in Spring/Summer 2003 “Scab” was greatly inspired by punk & the whole style of the collection reflected on it. Even brands such as Beauty Beast:20471120 draw inspiration on parts of the culture. Some of their garments have bondage style accessories or inspired bags such as the Spring/Summer 1998 “Ribcage Bag” having bondage style accents to it & Straps.  Even subcultures such as Harujuku take part on aspects of punk, with spiked hair styles, lots piercings, & studded accessories!

Today in 2021 as many of these previously forgotten brands/older collections begin to resurface, gain a new popularity it's clear that the punk scene has had an everlasting influence into the culture.



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