Raf Simons Spring/Summer 1997

The 1997 Spring/Summer collection was inspired by The Punks & in combination of School boys/Surf boys which featured many tight& close knit silhouettes. This was part of one of the debut collection that help the raise of popularity and fame of Raf Simons. 

The Raf Simons “Teenage Summer Camp” my personal favourite collection, this was a collection all about teenage rebellion inspired by The Punks & Schoolboys/Surf Boys. The collection Featured plenty of Tight & close knit silhouette’s, with simple yet classic materials used along side very vivid colours mixed within the pieces.

Some of the most recognizable items from the collection were the tanks written “Generations” across it and short sleeve button ups written “ Teenage Summer Camp” were printed on materials made to appear old faded/washed off clothing.

The video features a setting of University students seen coming from different parts of the city all to amass into a space shit like UFO structure where then all the items from the collection are seen in a clearer image nearing the end of the video. Which end with the teens as if getting summoned to their final destination

The Video also featured Raf’s Favourite electro song at the time, to a band of teens capturing a very candid style of videography to illustrate the illusion of what the teens would be doing on their free time while flaking on school

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