A visual story by AKAIBU "Claymore"

Set beyond the depths underneath earth, in Jigoku there is a certain darkness that looms. Our audience is presented by two ominous beings. Together exploring the levels in the Jigoku district. Beyond where any living being dares to step. With a serious calmness, yet looming darkness & frost that engulfs our presented beings. The escape has not yet been identified, but we are shown around this seeming purgatory.
Akaibu Claymore Editorial
 Carol Christian Poell Tornado Boots Akaibu
Akaibu Claymore editorial
CCP Drip Sneakers Akaibu   -  Akaibu Archive editorial Claymore
Carol Christian Poell Tornado Boots & CCP Drip Sneakers Akaibu Archive
CCP Boots
John Galliano Akaibu
Peering out into the unknown... Vastness filled with rubble....
Nothing but empty thoughts echo through these chambers..
As we further explore beneath the depths of Jigoku, it becomes known that there is a serious malevolent aura engulfing the district. Quite evidently seen on our beings faces as we explored the depths. 
 Alice Auaa, CCP, Akaibu
CCP vest with Alice Auaa Trench Coat
As we reach further depths, the darkness continues to ensue...
CCP horse jacket
akaibu claymore campaign archive
Experiencing true public freedom... This purgatory may not be so bad though...
---CCP public freedom
CCP Public Freedom archive
Carol Christian Poell Horse Leather jacket from 90s akaibu

Final Phase

Our beings have reached the bottom stages of purgatory.

As we are met with the final phase, our beings begun to transition.

Seperated, the thoughts are replaced with echos. Which came from desperate thoughts. Driving them insane. Frost overtakes the as they begin to shiver.  

Why are the lower levels cold? Our beings are alone, confused & driven mad. 



Undercover Scab Runway Pieces  - - - Dirk Bikkembergs Boots

Akaibu Claymore Campaign jun takahashi scab garments

Where to go? No way up. Only down. 

The being screamed with a high pitched tone "LET ME OUT! AHHHH"

Carol Christian Poell Tornado Pants Akaibu

Hands are numb....

Peering out the window, but is it really a window?  

An empty city or an empty vessel. Which is lonelier.

Alice Auaa Trench Coat Akaibu

Akaibu Claymore Editorial Alice Auaa Red Cobweb Trench Coat

Abandoned Building Editorial Claymore Alice Auaa Cobweb Trench Coat

Film Burn Over Image Darkness

 The exploration continued, our beings separated. Nothing but vastness. Each level is mirrored with a slight variation. 

Somewhere far in the chambers the echos amplified. Afterthoughts of her companion being after separation were drearly heard. 

"I know you've prayed for me, it's distinct but slight echoes are possible to be heard. It is the same for the few of us trapped in the purgatory. Abandoned, forgotten, left behind.. Not one thought left for us from those on middle earth." 


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