AKAIBU Editorial Punk Expressions

This photoshoot was inspired by early 00s grunge & punk culture. Dre's styles are based off of various punk/grunge looks inspired by the culture in early late 90s - early 00s.  These looks are complimented by various pieces of jewelry centred around the ideal for the shoot.  Sterling Silver jewellery some of which are DIY handmade & thrifted, following in footsteps of grunge & goth culture which is heavily artistic in the sense that many of the participants would often DIY the majority of their wardrobe. To complete the outfits they were paired up with Doc Marten 1460 boots rocking a two tone green/black shade blended in.
The photos were edited with the entire DIY & punk scab theme in mind. Using hand stitching to stitch & burn various images together flowing together with various themes of the designers for their collections.
Fuji FP-100C Polaroid Packfilm photo
Akaibu Undercover Scab Looks shoot on 35mm Film     Undercover Scab Akaibu editorial photoshoot
Ann Demeulemeester SS/00 Tunic Tank Top
This Editorial Featured thee key looks, each portraying a different aspect of each designers culture.  The shoot had begun mid afternoon around the peak of the sun's brightness. Using this to our advantage we played with the intensity of the sun along with deep shadow's created. Setting around an industrial concrete area, we incorporated the  First look primarily showcasing 
Ann Demeulemeester SS/00 Patti Smith beaded Sheer Tunic
& Undercover AW/05 Razor Blade Bracelet
Akaibu Editorial Ann Demeulemeester punk shoot
Akaibu Editorial Ann Demeulemeester punk shoot -           Akaibu Editorial Ann Demeulemeester punk shoot
Akaibu Editorial Ann Demeulemeester punk shoot
Akaibu Editorial Ann Demeulemeester punk shoot            Akaibu Editorial Ann Demeulemeester punk shoot
The second look focused primarily on the Number (N)ine SS/03 sweater from "Touch Me I'm Sick" collection & portraying the thoughts behind the process for the collection.  The collection not only takes references from various grunge scene's but also reflected Takahiro Miyashita health condition. Tittles "Touch Me I'm Sick" referencing to him missing two collections unable to design for two collections due to his health. So using this reference we had Dre pose in various ways indicating a tired & weak condition. Various poses were aimed at being slumped over & leaning against a rusty fence. Shot across an abandoned farm as the previous home owners succumbed to illness leaving the land empty. Also showing photos with bright blue sky indicating the light in day as Takahiro Miyashita recovered to create such a outstanding collection. Creating the perfect scene for the shoot.
Akaibu Punk shoot in Number (N)ine sweater       takahiro miyashita ss/03
Punk photoshoot inspired by nirvana & takahiro Miyashita
Number (N)ine
Polaroid phtoshoot akaibu
takahiro miyashita akaibu              -  akaibu
akakbu takahiro miyashita
akaibu     - -   akaibu 
akaibu punk photoshoot
35mm film photo archive  - -     archive akaibu
The third & final look was the most dynamic of them, rocking a full on punk style for this final look. Dre wore a white tank top along with a unique baggy pair of shorts worn underneath the Undercover "Scab" Crash pants  This look was paired with the jewelry that was also worn throughout the rest of the shoot, however this time around we added a dark eyeliner giving out a gothic energy to the images. This is the look that the jewellery really stood out the most giving a sort of accent to the outfit. Shining bright compared to the colorful background. These last sets of images were heavily hand edited incorporating many hand stitching elements used in the "Scab" collection. Dashes of paint thrown over the images & burnt ends signifying rebelion. 
hand stitched polaroid image   - - hand stiched undercover scab photo 
 undercover scab photoshoot  -  -- - 
polaroid image moody jun takahashi akaibu

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